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obamacare. and jim demint and former governor howard dean. >> i think we're going to have another constitutional crisis in terms of the presidency. >>> plus the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. we start with breaking news out of syria this morning. the syrian government has reached an agreement with the united nations to allow inspectors full access to any site of any purported chemical weapons attack. syria's deputy foreign minister says -- the pentagon has prepositioned four warships with armed cruise missiles pore the region. chris, this is big news, this is why obviously inspectors got there, they want to get to the bottom of what really happened. think they can now? >> it is possible, we know that secretary of state john kerry was speaking with his counterpart the foreign minister over the weekend. those two did not speak very often, so that was significant. if they are able to find actual evidence, this could certainly change the calculation for the obama administration. we know the pentagon has been updating it's target list for potential air strikes in syria, l
and disoriented on a family vacation last week. courier service, u-p-s is blaming obamacare for it's decision to cut 15-thousand workers' spouses from it's insurance plans. in a memo to employees, the company says it will discontinue coverage of husbands and wives eligible for insurance with their own employers. u--p-s blamed several aspects of obamacare ... including its requirement dependent children be covered up until age 26. in the memo ... the company says it's willing to take care of its own ... but won't bear a burden other companies can take on. if white house interns were to be paid ... it would cost more than 2 point 5 million dollars a year. that figure assumes president obama would pay them 9-dollars an hour.. which is the number he suggested minimum wage should be raised to during his state of the union address in january. the white houseemploys more than three hundred interns each year, with 150 this summer alone. the fair pay campaign, a grassroots lobby, is calling on the president and white house aides to pay interns, saying it's not realistic to work for free. it's one thin
and jobs and obamacare. it may be more of an intellectual exercise that does not really rise to the top of the political debates. >> we will watch to see how all of the issues unfold. charles babington, karen tumulty, thank you. i appreciate it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] on monday1, a conversation with former vice president dick cheney and his daughter, who announced her run as republican senate. 7:30 p.m. eastern. , tuesday morning, outgoing homeland security secretary janet napolitano will get remarks at the national press club. shecertain -- cease -- served since 2009. >> republican senator tom coburn held a town hall friday. this is an hour and 10 minutes. on monday >> you good? good afternoon. we are on time. welcome. it is good to visit with you. i will be a little slow this evening. this is the fifth one i have done today. bear with me. it drag you down more than you think. i will not spend a lot of time talking, but i do want to hear from you. there are a lot of concerns in our country, not an
you, if you shut down the government it does not defund obamacare. you would be hurting other programs, wouldn't money still go to obamacare? >> shutting down the government is not the issue here. obamace is already killing job production in america. obamacare is going to shut down america. we've got to stop the movement tian and by defunding it and continuing to fund the entire government exct for the mandatory as wl as the discretionary spending, which we can do in the continuing resolution voting on in seember, it is absolutely critical. just this week, sorry, just a few days ago delta airlines in atlanta annound obamacare was going to cost them $100 million. it will hurt their bottom line, it will hurt their ability to be able to function economically. we must shut obamacare down to keep the government running and that is what i'm doing. meliss without question. i have saithousands and thousands of their emploes will kick their spouses off t health care, many different players have come out and said theye cutting people to 21 hours per ek. is this the best way to go about it? is it
,to be used on not on americans. >> radley manning. the escalating war on obamacare. >> under no circumstances will i for a continuing resolution that authorizes even one penny to this. >> and the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> you look at how far we have come, but we still have so far to go. >> opposition forces claim the syrian government is killing large numbers of civilians, men, women and children with chemical weapons. russia says the rebels stage the attacks to drum up opposition to the asad regime. the asad regime says the claim is baseless. here is what president obama said a year ago. nowe have communicated in uncertain terms what every player in the region -- with every player in the region that that is a line -- red line for us. >> senator john mccain says the red line threat is a joke. >> the president of the united states says it would be a red line and a game changer. he now sees that as a green light. means the word of the president of the united states can no longer be taken seriously. >> president obama said he is sympathetic to mccain's passion, but he adds,
rough week for president obama's health care law. delta airlines announced the so-called obamacare, well it will increase delta's health care costs by about $100 million in the next year alone. meanwhile, ups and the university of virginia say they will no longer offer health care to the spouses of some employees covered by other medical plans. all of this while the president maintains his plan willower costs and lead to -- will lower costs and lead to better health care. a former spokesperson for vermont govern howard dean, christie and didi, let me start with you. now we have three more firms including the university of virginia who say their costs are going up, up, up because of this. >> the affordable health care act does -- doesn't seem affordable. when you have companies like ups and delta, these are success stories and now they can't cover spousesment as well as these hidden taxes. it is a train wreck and a disaster. it is actually taking people out of business. the list goes on and on. they keep piling up. when you have the unions gens it and you have democrats who are complainin
commitment has never been stronger. >>> senator ted cruz is here. he's leading the charge to defund obamacare at all costs, even if it triggers a government shutdown and alien 80s some fellow republicans. >> now is the single best time we have to defund obamacare. [ cheers ] >> obamacare is the number one job killer in america. it is killing jobs. it is causing more and more people not to be hired. it is causing health insurance premiums to skyrocket. can we bring back jobs? can we stop the irs? [ crowd chanting yes, we can ] >> can we mobilize grassroots america? and can we defund obamacare? [ yes, we can ] >> senator ted cruz joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. always good to be with you. >> nice to have you, sir. i know you've been traveling around doing town hall meetings about obamacare and defunding it. i'm curious how big the crowd are and if you can quantify the level of passion are people angry or not angry? >> well, i'll tell you. the reaction has been electric. the footage there was from dallas two nights ago. we had over 2,000 people there. and the energy and pass
but now they are national models. >> joh that sadly that true. under obamacare all big chains will hav to post calorie counts even though they don't work. professors track customers at mcdonald's burger king and kentucky fried chicken, half the customers noticed the calorie coun't counts but they found people ordered more calories. the offer of the food police jason lugsk studied it to. >> labels don't change behavior at all. what you are doing is asking companies to undeake a cost that has essentially no benefit to the consumer. the government is stepping in your daily food choices even though they know it doesn't work. what kind of government is that? >> john: an intrusive one. in my state, most eager to ban foods and signs be posted is felix ortiz. >> they ate more. >> i disagree with that. >> the ban of salt the restaurants in the state of new york. >> too much salt is bad for some people, people with hypertension, but there is no evidence that it is harmful to most of us. >> some studieshow that reduced salt intake among some segments increased the chances of death. >> john: so y
. >> there were few skeptics but now they are national models. >> john: that sadly that true. under obamacare all big chains will have to post calorie counts even though they don't work. professors track customers at mcdonald's burger king and kentucky fried chicken, ha the customers noticed the calorie couldn't counts but they found people ordered more calories. the offer of the food police jason lugsk studied it to. >> labels don't change behavior at all. what you are doing is asking companies to undertake a cost that has essentially no benefit to the consumer. the government is stepping in your daily food choices even though they know it doesn't work. what kind of government is that? >> john: an intrusive one. in my state, most eager to ban foods and signs be posted is felix ortiz. >> they ate more. >> i disagree with that. >> the ban of salt in the restaurants in the state of new york. >> too much salt is bad for some people, people with hypertension, but there is no evidence that it is harmful to most of us. >> some studies show that reduced salt intake among some segments increased the chan
-fund the implementation and enforcement of obamacare in any relevant appropriations." james madison wrote in that her list 58 -- in federalist number 58 -- that was signed by the representative mark metals and others joining him in that effort. we urge you to call our phone line to get in -- our phone line again. because this is a gop spurred efforts we want to hear from republicans only this morning. 3880 if you live in the eastern and central time zone. 3881 if you live in the mountain and pacific time zone. you can also reach out to us on facebook and twitter. some of the analysis that is being done, especially from this call that took place last night with the speaker. some of it is written up by the huffington post this morning. it starts, in part, by looking at a letter that was sent by the ofresentative, mark meadows north carolina. during the call, one member if youpeaker boehner defund obamacare. another would ask him he would get a short term spending past. it goes on to talk about it this morning as well. it was during this bus tour that president obama mentioned the efforts, talking about the
down the line. has cast aheen supportive vote for everything on obamacare that has come down. let me remind you, senator shaheen, who signed a letter to the irs, asking them to look more closely at some of these targeting american citizens for their political views. on the other side, we have senator kelly ayotte. [applause] she has been a loud, clear, principled voice for the people of new hampshire since the day she got elected. not only has she been fighting for common sense things like a balanced budget. she has been a leading voice on demanding the truth about what happened in benghazi. she has stood up -- [applause] and she is not backing down on that. [applause] you got such a good response, i forgot what i was going to say next. remembered, she has been a strong and supportive voice. even when she knows a vote is going to be difficult, nose and vote is going to cost her, she stands up and does what is right. she did that for us on the gun vote, even though she knew she was going to be targeted all stop she stood up and did the right thing. [applause] michael bloomberg thought
major changes thanks to obamacare. small businesses are up in arms as well. president obama on the road today calling for every kid in america to be able to get a college education. >> higher education, an economic imperative. every american family should be able to afford to get it. every day we're working to be an even better company and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. through all of ourly energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been songer. ♪ dennis: president obama giving it the old college try today hoping to universities to lower tuition cost by publicly shaming them. the president unveiled his proposal for a new rating system, linking federal aid to college value. all according to the federal government. >> we are going to start reading colleges, not just by which college is the most selective, not just by which colleges the most expensive, not just by which coll
neil: maybe they were just marketing it wrong, obamacare did not seem to real the masses so maybe boehner care will. i am neil cavuto, helling ahatho fury like tea partiers out for blood. a house speaker who keeps it on life and you are o support he sd cut it and kill it, tea party activists rallying outside of john boehner's ohio office, with this morning either defund it or slapping yore name on it. the boehner care name will be attached to it and to boehner. keeping a law they mate, alive and well -- they hate alive and well. and john boehner is going down if he keeps it up. very much war. and led by a tea party charmed charged for battle. to alan west. former republican congressman with me now on how it might go. >> a pleasure to be with you, most important thing you see happening is conflict between politics and policy, when you understand when a continuing resolution is. which is what we'll have to do, it is because we had a failure in appropriation process, we've not been able to budget for the government. continuing resolution could be 6 months, 8 months to a year. you loo
to defund obamacare takes a new turn. opponents taking their objections to the next level and you may be surprised to learn just who they're targeting. arthel: the pentagon says it is ready to go if the president orders military action in response to syrian government's use of chemical weapons. how likely that is and when it could happen. homeland security secretary stepping down today. what she says is the greatest regret of her four-year term. and the fate of army major hasan will be in the hands of a military panel. they'll decide if hasan lives or dies which just may be what the mass murderer really wants. gregg: new warnings as the crisis in syria reaches a boiling point. arthel: hello, everyone. gregg: welcome to a second hour of "happening now." on the brink of war in syria, defense secretary saying that the united states forces are, quote, ready to go if president obama orders military action. well, the u.s. with assets already deployed in the region, four destroyers within range of targets inside syria plus warplanes as well, all positioned to strike at a moment's notice. and
and the company could drop the coverage. what do you think? >> it has nothing to do with obamacare. this is only a matter of time before the republicans blame obamacare for rising sea levels. this has nothing to do with federal legislation and everything with common economic sense. if husband and wife are both working why should the wife's employer pick up the cost for both of them? why shouldn't the husband's employer pick up its share of the family's health bill? that is fair. by the way, they're not dropping kids. they're just dropping the spouses -- >> no. wait a minute. you're -- wait, hang on. let's go to rich carlsgard. the law says rich, spouses or families. if your benefits are at a certain lel the companies will be hit with a tax on that plan. they could be -- i'm talk about the extenses of the plan. they could be hit with a tax. the companies in fact are telling kaiser-permanente the companies are saying they may drop the coverage. go ahead, rich karlgaard. >> you can't keep up with the details of this. on a day-by-day basis, more comply cases resize. reduce this to the ultimate simpl
obamacare and doing everything they can to make sure it is not successful because we have had strong recruitment they have done a great job at recruiting top tiered candidates. they will be in the position to take advantage of the fact that you have a lot of voters that have elected incumbents who already have buyers remorse. they do not want an extremist representing them. they want us to work together and know that you cannot have everything your way and work out a reasonable way to reduce our deficit, create jobs, smoothly implement obamacare and make sure we focus on allowing everybody in america to have an opportunity to succeed. republicans are focused on making sure that president obama cannot be successful. that is unacceptable to most people. >> can we switch the topic to the nsa? this divide both parties. within your party, you see very strong defenders of the surveillance programs that are going on. i wonder if this is something you have gotten involved in. have you made a bridge or does not fall within your bailiwick? >> it certainly falls within my bailiwick on the off
a few skeptics but today both reforms are recognized as models. >> sadly, that's true. under obamacare all big chains will have to post calorie counts even though they don't work. a study by professors at new york university and yale track customers at mcdonald's, wendy's, burger king, kentucky fried chicken. they found half the customers noticed the calorie counts and some said it influenced their ordering. but when researches checked receipts they found people ordered more calories. the author of "the food police," jason lusk, studied that, too. >> what we find thattes that labels don't change bechaif your at all. what you're doing is asking companies to undertake a cost that has essentially no benefit to the consumer. it's the sign of a government that's willing to step into your daily food choices even though they know it won't work for the sole reason of creating a symbol. what kind of government is that? >> an intrusive one. in my state, most eager to ban foods and require that the signs be posted is felix ortiz it. >> didn't work. they've tested it. in fact, they ate more. >> we
: of good cancer? myth number six debt obamacare is good for business.>> democrats say it is. good for small business. good for >> they are why we committed us to this cause. >> john: white house says business will not suffer under health reform. >> john: all good, obamacare? >> you can't be wealthy unless you are healthy. >> you remember the congressman support of obamacare. >> remember the republican plan, don't get sick. if you do get sick, die quickly. >> john: i was surpris he used to be a businessman and help create a tech company. >> john: you are unusual having created wealth,un i.d. t. -- i would think you would s the burden of all these rules. >> one rle has had amatic impact on job creating or small business. >> john: it's the pile of rules. here is obamacare and this is just the start. many pages say the secretary shall produce me regulation. >> put togetr i would say a pile of rules. >> john: what about the tax on medical devices. a puchblg of democrats object to this. >> obamacare makes a steep tax on pacemakers, digital thermometers. it can be a profit business but it's o
supportive of their agenda, ushering in obamacare and certainly more and more debt. he needs to be replaced and we need someone there who understands that our country is going bankrupt and we need to rein in government. he needs to be replaced, but greta, it doesn't have to be me, there are thousands of good alaskans with that servant's heart with that ability and the desire to serve we the people. i think it's kind of hilarious that mark begich wants to use my name as his fundraising tool. he's kinds of in a panic there being threatened, i guess. but it doesn't have to be me. and as of this date, i am not planning to run for the u.s. senate, but i certainly would never say never in this case. >> so does that mean if i could sort of sum this up, that the door is open, but no decisions have been made, it's not closed on the thought s that what you're thinking about? >> the door is never going to be closed in terms of opportunity that could be out there to serve people who are see deserving of common sense conservative values. but mark begich and all those far left senators, they do need to b
the hashtag on facebook or twitter. get ready, obamacare is coming. the changes in here are big. this will reshape health insurance markets, it will change the way we access and pay doctors, hospitals and drug companies. make no mistake, it will effect you no matter who you are. this law is more than 900 pages long and boy it is complicated. opposition has been fierce. if you're not insured you will have to buy coverage or pay a fine. if you, like most americans, who get their coverage through work are insured, it still effects you. now, this show will be your source of information about obamacare. i'm going to help you navigate in beast as it rolls out so that you can get the most for your money. now, there is a lot in here. let's start with something basic, a doctor's visit. this law is supposed to give more people access to medical care but what if there are not enough doctors in your area? by 2020 it is estimated that there will be a short m of 45,000 family doctors in rural, inner city america it is worse. david is our main man on obamacare and he's read every line of this
of planned parenthood through obamacare. a new report is out showing a nearly a million dollars in grant money is being given to a number of centers nationwide to help sign people up for health insurance under the conversal law. molly henneberg live for us in washington with these details. molly? >> reporter: heather, planned parenthood applied for and received the grant money any, called a navigator grant, it is marked to help people learn and navigate through the obamacare health insurance exchanges. the but republicans say this is round-about way to get money to the largest abortion provider in the country. planned parenthood is unique to talk to young women and under obamacare. how the grant money will be used a spokesperson said, quote, these grants will enable local planned parenthood affiliates to help enroll in new, more offaffordable plans that cover preventative care, maternity care, emergency care. these have nothing to do with abortions and won't be used for abortion services. but republican lawmakers, tennessee representative diane black is not buying it. president obama pro
't think it's a smart strategy to shut down the government as a method of defending obamacare. i think if you want to do it, do it on the debt limit, don't do it on shutting down the government because our economy's so precarious right now, and shutting down the government won't stop obamacare one iota. it'll continue to roll out. we're limited, and it's hard to -- a couple of points i'd make is republicans control the house of representatives. that's one-sixth of the total government. we don't control the presidency, we don't control the senate, and we have-- according to recent court decisions -- very little influence on the court. the second point is when they do those things, as a u.s. senator, i don't have standing in a court of law. so, you know, i've got letters out right now chastising the justice d., asking them why they have not cooperated with the government accountability office. by law they have the cooperate. except this add mrtle's -- administration's refusing to do so on multiple events across multiple agencies. so i think in a lot of ways they're lawless in terms of th
to defund obamacare. [applause] and it makes a difference that we're all here speaking with one voice. but i can tell you what the smart people in washington are saying right now. i can tell you what the chattering class are saying. they're saying there's all of us here with our commitment to principle, with spending our thursday night together. it's all of us here that are the reason washington doesn't work. we're the reason that nothing gets done in washington. which is juss an astounding idea. in the last 12 years, washington, d.c. has passed mccain-feingold campaign finance reform, sar bane oxley, dodd frank, no child left behind. e passed medicare part d and we passed obamacare. in any other period in our country's life this amount of legislation of this magnitude would be historic. but we're told that washington doesn't work. washington is not broken. washington is a finely tuned machine that is aimed at expanding government, taking away our freedoms and picking winners and losers in the economy. [applause] but here's the dirty secret. all of us in this room together, when we stick tog
. >> have to say i am concerned about the immigrants more than obamacare. [inaudible] obama will not obey the law. you and i know that. is -- iknow what it have communicated with them. there are too many republicans that will not tell the truth. that is what i like about what you're doing. you're telling the truth. [inaudible] have been a republican for years. >> i think the only way for changes that they hear from the people. >> i am ready to hand write letters. i don't know what else to do. they are not going to change. thank you for what you are doing. can someone take a picture? thank you. you are one of my heroes. >> the privilege is mine. >> senator, it is a pleasure to meet you. your motivating a lot of us. i appreciate it. i hope one of you guys are the next president. [inaudible] >> we have got to have more scrutiny. it has to be driven from the house. in my view, what the house -- the chief prosecutors, i have been urging them. [inaudible] i think they systematically walked through the facts. the advantage of a select -- [inaudible] >> really nice meeting you. >> thank you for c
hold the budget hostage on defunding obamacare, it's never going to work. the debt ceiling is a worse idea. house leadership is engaged in political wink wink theater where they effectively have to entertain every single harebrained idea that the right flank has to placate them. the question is, at the end of the day, can they bring them back from the brink? you know, i think over the bush tax cuts and plan b we saw john boehner completely fail there. his grasp over the caucus seems to be loosening. you would think that something would bring them back from the precipice, but i think the country, we get less and less convinced by the day that anybody's in charge here and that anybody has their hands on the captain's wheel. >> support for government shutdown is evaporating over the weekend. tea party rand paul stated it plainly. shut down is a bad idea he said and we'll take a listen to him. >> i don't think shutting down the government is a good idea. but i do think we were elected, conservatives were elected to stop this overreach, this government takeover of health care. when the gov
, the cost of obamacare, the affordable care act, being cited by united parcel services as one of the reasons why they are withdrawing health care benefits from 15,000 spouses of employees. they're saying that in addition to raiising medical costs are t reason why they're having to take away that care. so real pressure on the company and the benefits they can ask on the back of obamacare. >> health care is expensive. there is a coalition of groups that want a nationwide strike of fast food workers calling for higher wages. i want you to listen to something that the former ceo of mcdonald's says how a higher minimum wage would impact the fast food industry. >> the average restaurant in the united states makes 4.6% profit. the labor cost is 30 plus percent. how can you raise the minimum wage almost double and expect to sustain that? i think obamacare will drop 15% to 20% of small businesses off the face of the earth. if they did this minimum wage thing, i'm telling you, there would be another 15% to 20% that will go away. you can't afford it. >> so there is a lot of popular support for increasi
next guest is doing that to hundreds of employees happening as the cry to defund obamacare marchs on. eighty house republicans ask for a government shut down rather than funding obamacare. why ups made news admitting they are planning to drop coverage for hundreds of workers' spouses. that move is already being made move elsewhere. here to talk about is is dick rush, ceo of the furniture maker. thank you for coming on the show. how did you make the decision to do this? >> well, it was a necessary decision. melissa, our company's a little unique, quite different than ups. we're a private company. we're entirely 100% employee owned and we look carefully from top management down to the floor worker on the cost. we want to remain a viable company in the future, so we implemented this, the first year, 2013, that we implemented it. roughly 40% of the spouses were carved out, and now these were people that generally, exclusively had other jobs with companies that did have insurance plans, so there's a fairness here as long as they buy insurance from their employee, no reason to substitute t
want you to obamacare. and why you should care who is staying here this weekend, because you picked up the tab. >> neil: first katy perry pushing the healthcare law. now form el president bill clinton is asked to do the same but a month before people have to start signing up for these exchanges, centers desperation. what's going on, byron? >> what's going on is new polls show a lot of people don't know what is in obamacare and the people who do know don't like it. so october 1st, the first deadline in which the exchanges will be up and running, people will be able to shop for health insurance on statewide markets, and the big deadline, january 1st, where the whole system will be in effect with the exception of the employer mandate which president obama delayed on his own, but the whole system would be in effect and people will pay parentally be receiving subsidies to purchase insurance. >> neil: they might delay provisions, might have to do everything they can, pull out the stops, pull stars from the hollywood and the musical word and political, bill clinton's case, but they'll get peo
it is a smart strategy to shut down the government to defend obamacare. our economy is so precarious right now. shutting down the government will not stop obamacare. it will continue to roll out. limited. a couple of points i would make. republicans control the house of representatives. that is 1/6 of the total government. we do not control the presidency, we do not control the senate. according to recent court decisions, we have very low influence on the elitists on the court. it is hard for us to do things. the second point i would make is when they do those things, as a u.s. senator, i do not have standing in a court of law i have letters out right now chastising a justice department asking why they have not cooperated with the government accountability office. by law, they have to cooperate. except this administration is refusing to do so on multiple events across multiple agencies. i think a lot of ways, they are loyalists in terms of their behavior to congress. the leadership in the congress, especially the senate, is designed for short-term political gain, not designed to solve the prob
on a couple of points. the issue about obamacare. when you are formally back, there is debate on whether or not the effort to de fund or stop obamacare should be tied to approving new funding to ep could the government going. you have taken heat over this because folks felt you were on board with the potential of tieing the two together. now maybe not thinking it is the greatest idea. tell us where you are. >> i opposed obamacare since i cast a vote on christmas eve. which in a party line that was jammed down the throats of the american people. i think i sponsored by last count 27 different pieces of legislation to repeal. it de fund it, dismantle it, delay it. i am a co-sponsor of my colleague senator ted cruise's bill to de fund it. we have to realize what is practical and what can be accomplished through this continuing resolution exercise. it is really not possible unfortunately and this is a difference about tam particulars and not -- tactics and not about the goal. it is impossible to suggest that the president will sign legislation repealing in affect his signature legislative ac
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